Veronica Falls get some great press!


Veronica Falls just wrapped up their North American tour and is about to start a European one. See dates here.

The band also got some amazing reviews in the UK online press:

This Is Fake DIY // 17 Oct
a cracking, crackling debut which at it’s best reminds just what a thrilling, invigorating world indie-pop can be. 7 out of 10

BBC Music // 19 Oct
Oddly, it’s when Veronica Falls plunder the past for black-hearted thrills, rather than opting for these more frivolous moments, that their debut is at its most lively – and despite the odd patch of fluffier filler, it’s still filled with enough dark delights to send tingles up and down your spine

Whiteboard Project // 13 Oct
stunning debut record. 8.5 out of 10

Culture Deluxe // 17 Oct
Probably the best indiepop album of the year. 5 out of 5

AAA Music // 16 Oct

The Music Fix // 19 Oct
What joy, what rapture. The eponymous debut album from London band Veronica Falls is a breath of fresh indie air. 7 out of 10