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New Frankie single, Newer Small Black MP3, Newest Cloud Nothings Video.


Frankie & The Heartstrings released their new single 'Ungrateful' on Monday. It's now on Spotify, i-tunes... you name it. It can be ordered from in it's sexy 7" form, though there is only 999 copies, so get purchasing!

Meanwhile, Frankie continue their tour in Glasgow tonight, keep up to date with their very entertaining tour antics (going out in the rain without umbrellas, putting too much ketchup on your chips) by following them on Twitter (or Twittah as Raekwon calls it) here:


Small Black have as very awesome new MP3 for anyone who wishes to download for free. The song 'Search Party' from the forthcoming album 'New Chain' can be found over at Stereogum. You can still get the first song given away from the album 'Photojournalist' here too.

Though sensible people are advised to also purchase the aforementioned album which is coming out via JagJaguwar on October 25th. Catch them on tour in December with pictureplane, dates here.


Cloud Nothings has just released a brand spanking new video for 'Hey Cool Kid' for an exclusive Pitchfork airing today. In it a guy augements a homeless guy using wires and magic pigs to make him a remote control basketball player, then things slowly get more and more psychadelic from there on in. Answers on a postcard for what the Japanese words mean that flash up on the screen please. 

Cloud Nothings new album 'Turning On' is released on the 25th October via Wichita. They tour with Veronica Falls and Les Savy Fav throughout November, see the dates here.


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