Holy Mountain Announce Debut Full-length Album


Holy Mountain have announced the release of their debut ful-length album, following up from 2012 mini-album ‘Earth Measures’. A breathless, delirious blast from start to finish, ‘Ancient Astronauts’ will be available from 7th April on Chemikal Underground.

'Ancient Astronauts' is a quantum leap on from 'Earth Measures', a six-track manifesto recorded in just 17 hours. Though constructed on similar principles - overdub-free rhythm tracks, "feel" taking priority over technique, wholehearted surrender to The Riff – ‘Ancient Astronauts’ is more expansive in outlook, its scope multiplied hundredfold.

Now booking for April, Summer festivals, and October.


Listen to opening track 'LV-42666' through their site here: http://www.chemikal.co.uk/news/holy-mountain-ancient-astronauts/


For booking enquiries contact: clairecourtney[at]nomanis.com