Frankie & The Heartstrings get audio/visual

Frankie & The Heart Strings New Video!

So F+HS have a new video for their next single 'Ungrateful', it's fantastic and in your face. The single in question is release on November 4th through Pop Sex LTD.

Click here to view the video.



They are also playing the Lexington on Friday this week, which by the way, is SOLD OUT! So make sure you get tickets for their second show on the 8th yeah?


Washed Out Interview

Excellent London Fashion / Music site Supersweet have posted their interview with Washed Out's Ernest Greene. Here hetalks about his production and future recording plans. Give it a little bit of your love here.



There's plenty of exciting things happening at Nomanis right now, new tours and announcements on the way within the next week, that's a promise.

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