Austra at SXSW

 Austra got amazing reviews following their shows at SXSW! Check them out here!



“It was hypnotizing to watch her and the rest of Austra (it helps that her bandmates are dark-haired but just as darkly glamorous), though the metallic exclamation points inside each song always snap you back.”



“Katie Stelmanis lush, quavering vocals are a match made in delicious hell with the band's icy synth grooves, putting Austra at the forefront of the post-Knife/Fever Ray pack.”


LA Time

“The Toronto-based act, led by Katie Stelmanis, who sings and sways as if she's conjuring spells, is flanked by a pair of backup singers who twist, stare and harmonize in robotic synchronization.”



“The brightest light in Austra's pulsating, dark electro repertoire is Stelmanis' vocals. Rising above a bass beat that vibrated so intensely it affected my video camera's focus, her operatically trained voice — and harmonies from two backup singers — added a rich beauty to the gothic throb and thoughtful lyrics.”


Buzz Bands

“Austra offered a heavy set of big backing beats that cast a spell on Emo’s”



“A powerful showcase”


Nialler 9

“Wow. Wow. WOW”


Neon Tommy

“The group’s set was chilling, but in such a way that leaves want for more.”


The Line of Best Fit


Panic Manual




Watch Austra perform Lose It at Emo’s here