Casual Sex


"The sordid sound of Mark E Smith swanking around a high-class brothel which is something you didn't even know you needed in your life" NME

"Casual Sex are a Glasgow outfit in the Orange Juice/Franz Ferdinand tradition rather than in the Alex Harvey sense. Theirs is a spiky, tart pop music inspired by that moment in early 1981 when the penny dropped and UK post-punk bands began to realise one way out of the art of darkness was through the charts. They have a singer whose voice channels Lou Reed's droll spirit and some of Edwyn Collins's arch wit, and the way their players negotiate their instruments suggests an affinity with all manner of pop and rock styles and eras from glam to white reggae." The Guardian


The brainchild of one Sam Smith, he and the other Casual Sexes span a multitude of careering, record-production, studio engineering, countless musical incestuousness's as well as the fashion and professional telecommunications worlds.

Home is loosely Glasgow’s Green Door Studio where on occasion, ideas are hatched, songs constructed and music recorded. This has occurred twice previously, accompanied by national acclaim and much critical lauding not just by the media, but particularly by middle aged men in trench coats ; those drinkers of micro-brewed ale who so frequently reference obscure post-punk in hushed, reverent tones at the dark corner of the bar. However, it is also holds an undeniable appeal that extends safely into the realm of more approachable young men and women.

Various musical influences battle for supremacy and converge, the resultant tracks on this particular release: Bastard Beat, one of the most sophisticated retro-Kraut tracks you'll hear in a decade and we'll be fucked if you're not amenable to 'Nothing on Earth's' lascivious mantra into earshot within an enormous wave of like nothing on earth. Also, The Sound of Casual Sex perfectly sums up the Glasgow lineage whilst memories of XTC float to the fore with 'Then Again' and crimson into earshot before unleashing a wall of Magazine-like squalls of guitar conjuring up a sublime amalgam of proto-punk angularity and seventies influenced androgyny.
Sam Smith sings and plays guitar, Edward Wood plays guitar, Peter Masson plays bass and Chris McCrory play drums – they are considered attractive and references are available on request.



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