Shiny Darkly



"Hailing from Copenhagen, Shiny Darkly’s influences are there for all to see and hear: the gloom and psych of The Doors and Velvet Underground, the modern gothic of The Horrors, and the rock and roll intensity of Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stooges and contemporaries The Black Angels.

On Shiny Darkly (more darkly than shiny, to be honest) the band goes from the jammed-organ drone and guitar rumble of lead track ‘Into the Shade’, to the yelping assault-on-the-senses of ‘He’s Suicidal’, to the skeletal terror of ‘Diana (Do Drugs)’ with stylish ease, and every moment on the EP is visceral, fresh, and brilliant." - TLOBF

Little Earth (out 31st March 2014 on Crunchy Frog Records) is the culmination of two years of dedicated work. Building on the raw, punky energy of the EP’s, it breaks new land as the band ventures into a sonic landscape of more expansive and atmospheric textures. Thus, the debut album moves between organic noisy post-punk melodies and epic ballads with both string and horn arrangements. It is simultaneously melodic, chaotic and frayed at the edges, evoking a rare blend of icy ferocity and high octane sex appeal.

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