Perfect Pussy

“Singer Meredith Graves continues to spit fire while guitars torch the earth around her… Perfect Pussy demand a commitment from their audience that is as total, full-blooded, and unwavering as their own” Pitchfork

“They make loud rock music in a similar spirit of provocation to Pussy Galore, and with a similar intention to assault the senses as a means to make you question stuff.” The Guardian (New Band Of The Day)

“Such bold proclamations blare forth over an obliterated soundscape courtesy of Graves' bandmates, who moonlight in grindcore, powerviolence, noise, and indie rock bands” Pitchfork

Perfect Pussy are one of the boldest and most intriguing projects to surface in recent years, garnering widespread critical acclaim following a self-released four song cassette-only EP, titled 'I have lost all desire for feeling'. Veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman Meredith Graves’ lyrics are disarming, brutally honest and poetic, possessing a feverish intensity that can only be matched by her electric stage presence.

Hailing from Syracuse, New York, the band is comprised of members from the local punk, noise and hardcore community. Graves (26, ex-Shoppers) and bassist Greg Ambler (30, numerous grind/hardcore bands) founded the band and were joined by Ray McAndrew (guitarist, 21) and Garrett Koloski (drummer, 23), both of whom cite The VSS, Nick Cave and Sonic Youth as primary influences.  Shaun Sutkus, the group’s in-house engineer/producer, rounds out the five-piece and names influences ranging from Stockhausen to “science” and Glenn Gould, a combination that explains the band’s consistent keyboards and layered noise textures. Mix this with Graves’ magnetic stage charisma and unique approach to singing (her background is rooted in both theater and opera) filtered through an equal love of Kate Bush and Cro-Mags, and you’ll see how they arrived at such a beautifully menacing sound.

'Say Yes to Love' will be released on Captured Tracks in March.



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