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A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart is the debut album proper by Bill Ryder-Jones.  Warmly melodic, majestically textured and bravely intimate, it is the most fully-realised and deeply personal collection of songs yet from a songwriter and musician who has been quietly but seriously staking claim as one of his generation’s most gifted for over a decade.

We last heard from Ryder-Jones with 2011’s much-lauded If – a stirringly original ‘imaginary film-score’ project inspired by avant-garde Italian author Italo Calvino’s postmodernist landmark ‘If On A Winter Night A Traveller.’ Taking its cues from the idiosyncratic soundtrack work of the likes of Abel Korzeniowski, Michael Galasso and Clint Mansell, that masterful record added the accolade of prodigiously talented composer and arranger to Ryder-Jones’s flair as a songwriter and guitarist of the highest order, incubated and developed in his time with The Coral and recognised by the likes of admirers and collaborators Alex Turner, Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher.

A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart is such a successful endeavour because it represents a perfect union of those two disparate, but equally beautiful strands of Ryder-Jones’s artistic vision thus far – it’s a collection of capital-S songs that will more than sate the appetite of those that so appreciate his long-established, effortless knack for heart-swelling melody and painterly eye for lyrical detail but, at the same time, is blessed with a serious compositional touch belying Ryder-Jones’s still modest years.



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