The Lost Brothers




Since the release of their acclaimed debut album, trails of the lonely, the Lost Brothers have kept on the move, calling no place their home.

This year alone seen them perform in London on the same bill as Bob Dylan & Van Morrison, they opened the main stage at this summer's Electric Picnic festival, and they have been busy in Nashville recording with Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs.

The brothers have just returned from New York where they played the Other Voices Show, with a lineup that included the best of Irish actors (such as Gabriel Byrne), musicians ( including Glen Hansard), and writers (Roddy Doyle to name just one), alongside American artists (Martha Wainwright and Laurie Anderson).
So the Losties are in good company while on the road.

On their follow up album, So Long John Fante, they continue to keep good company by their side.Recorded in twelve days last year in Sheffield along with Richard Hawley's Band, the brothers have delved into their record collection and book shelves for inspiration.

Listen to songs such as 'the goodbye kid'' and you can hear echoes of the Everly Brothers, while still sounding new and fresh, and on tracks such as 'only by light of the moon' and 'in the city' you can hear drops of doo wop influences with a touch of Phil Spector,  as on songs such as 'golden dawn ' and 'hollow call' the Lost Brothers sweep you off into the depth of the forest to get lost with them. 

Tipping a hat to their literary hero, John Fante, this is an album that flows in a gumbo melting pot of influences with touches of country, (oh brother), doo wop (by light of the moon), golden era rock and roll (the goodbye kid), dark folk tales that echo john steinbeck (pale moon, hollow call) and tales of love gone wrong (killing heart/ bells wont ring), while at the same time it’s all sprinkled with that magic Lost Brothers dust that makes it all sound just like them.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the Losties were a folk duo, but I think not. Their music recalls many genres while remaining genre-less.

They just sound like the Lost Brothers.

Call it what you will, but the truth is that these two brothers have a lot more to offer. 

And watch this space because this is only a beginning. 

The Lost Brothers are here to stay.



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