The Phantom Band



The Phantom Band were one of those dream signings for a label like Chemikal Underground: a band some people had heard about but who hadn’t quite made it onto anyone’s radar.  Then they delivered ‘Checkmate Savage‘, a debut album more bold and stylistically diverse than anything released in Scotland for years.  The real kicker for us though, is that they just keep getting better…

‘The Wants’, released in October 2010, made no concessions to either their fans or the industry and secured its reputation for brilliance as a result: a unique, visionary album that crafted something entirely new from a myriad of musical reference points.  Live, The Phantom Band are a sight (and sound) to behold: Rick Anthony’s fire and brimstone delivery counterbalanced by a cabalistic consortium of whoops, moogs, guitars, banjos and seemingly endless percussion.


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