Novella are London-based Sophy Hollington, Hollie Warren and Suki Sou. They met in Brighton and formed the band in February 2010 after they all moved up to the capital. After spending months in each other's bedrooms writing and listening to bands like Polvo, Guided by Voices, Broadcast, Calico Wall and My Bloody Valentine, they decided to put a band together themselves and began playing shows in Autumn 2011. After releasing their debut EP in May 2012, the band have returned with the compellingly ominous, ‘Mary’s Gun’. The single will be released on 7” single via Italian Beach Babes on 26th November, and was recorded by Jerome Watson (The History of Apple Pie) and Joshua Third (The Horrors) in The Horrors’ studio.

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"The three girls of Novella - Hollie Warren, Sophy Hollington, Suki Sou – are fast becoming London's most ubiquitous band, having bagged support slots with everyone from 2:54 to Dum Dum Girls etc"


"Novella's sexed-up blur of hair and guitars is so crush-worthily potent it could ladder tights at 50 paces."

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