Papercuts is the experimental pop project of Jason Quever. Their dreamy epics touch on a diverse range of influences from classic Creation Records and 4AD to The Zombies and '60's French pop.

Raised on a commune in Humboldt County, Quever was orphaned at a young age and travelled up and down the US West Coast before settling in San Franciso in the late '90s. Quever started making music at an early age and bough a four-track recorder when aged 15. Papercuts, first album, Rejoicing Songs was released in 2000 on the Cassingle USA label. Around the same time Jason started writing and recording with local San Franciscan bands, producing Cass McCombs' debut album Not the Way in 2002, and working on records by the Skygreen Leopards and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. More recently, he has contributed to albums by Vetiver and Lazarus.

Jason released the second Papercuts album, Mockingbird, in 2004, winning much critical acclaim, including a four star review in Uncut. Signing with Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong lable, Papercuts released Can't Go Back in 2007, receiving a rave 8.3 review on Pitchfork. Allmusic's Jason MacNeil described the album as “a perfect example that timeless, classic pop still exists.” You Can Have What You Want (2009) is Papercuts' finest album yet, a dreamy epic featuring contributions from Beach House's Alex Scally and Graham Hill.

Quever drapes his fragile falsetto vocals in gauzy reverb, while pulsing bass and loose drums conjure the spirits of Can and Revolver-era Beatles. “My only real conscious effort with this record was to be more explorative, to find arrangement and sound territory that I hadn't covered,” says Quever. Non-musical sources also had an influence, none more so that the original Twilight Zone series. “I bought the DVDs and watched them a ton while I was writing the record,” explains Quever, “and it's clear to me that the shows mysterious, melancholic vibe seeped into album.” Glo-fi, freak folk, indie-pop: call it what you will, this is simply beautiful, inventive pop, a summer memory filtered through a foggy haze. 

A new, long-awaited album 'Fading Parade' will be released on March 1st 2011, through Sub Pop worldwide.

Hear a 'Do What You Will' from the forthcoming album 'Fading Parade' below:

Fading Parade Reviews:

'The LP...lives and dies and dies by it's own merits, and it has many.'  - 4/5 Music OMH

'A lovingly crafted album produced by a songwriter, Jason Quever , who has more talent than he probably knows. An excellent, excellent listen.' - TLOBF RECCOMENDED - The Line Of Best Fit

 'A perfect slice of Indie Pop' - 7.5 - The 405

Your's Truely video of 'Do You Really Wanna know' from the new album 'Fading Parade':


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