K-X-P is a drums/bass/synth trio from Helsinki, Finland, and the latest signing on Smalltown Supersound. Born out of the fire and ashes of the seminal Op:l Bastards and And The Lefthanded, Smalltown Supersound happened to hear some demos from a new project led by Timo Kaukolampi (of both mentioned bands). The label was totally blown away, and started an intense chase for an album that lasted for a couple of years. 

"We all have been playing in numerous succesful groups but with KXP it's not about playing the music, it's about being with the music. It sounds stupid but it's inevitable. Listening to this music from a record is not the optimal situation. Actually even recording this music is not necessary. You just have to witness it for a moment and then move on. It just happens."

The album was finally delivered before Christmas 2009. But even before the tracks were finished recorded Glasgow`s finest Optimo wanted to twist with the K-X-P sound and remixed their 18 Hours Of Love (the remix has already been featured on Mylo`s compilation for Mixmag). K-X-P will also be one of the last bands to play Optimo`s legendary Sunday club at Subclub in Glasgow in late April 2010.

The musical backgound of K-X-P personnel varies wildly, from the "disco-idiotism-turned-intospiritual- hide-and-seek" of Op:l Bastards, via fusion & freejazz explorations of Pekka Pohjola & Jimi Tenor, to The Kraftwerkish visions of east european soulscapes of Aavikko. Timo Kaukolampi is maybe also best known as Annie`s main producer and co-writer, and he was also the one that introduced Annie and Smalltown Supersound which ended with the label releasing her Don`t Stop album last year.

K-X-P mixes electronics, kraut, noise, rock and even rockabilly into a hypnotic and minimalistic motorik groove with references to bands like Spacemen 3, This Heat, 23 Skiddo, Suicide and Neu!. The band themselves name Raymond Scott, Moondog & Martin Rev as inspirations while making this album. When asked how Finland and Helsinki has influence the band`s sound they answer “Finland & Helsinki were fashionable 10 years ago, as was the notion of finnish "weirdness" Finland is not weird. Internet is weird. We are Finns.” Draw your own conclusions.

Their live shows are a melee of robotic beat and stuttering synths, drawing from Kraut roots but remaining compellingly danceable. They finished 2010 off with a late night, storming set at Musex, Finland and head into 2011 by embarking on an absolutely huge European tour, beginning with a performance at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Netherlands.


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